Estate Sub-Metering Solution

Utility sub-metering is a system that allows the landlord or the property management firm bill the tenants individually since the utility usage is also measured separately. It is a method that involves having individual electricity meters, Individual sub-meters for each residential unit are installed behind the master meter. It requires monitoring of the consumption with the electricity meter installed for each flat.

Integrated Resources Limited provides two types of solution for Mini Estates that want to generate credit token at their own tariff rates with ease.

  • We have a solution that allows Estate Management to generate credit token at their preferred tariff rate, while they monitor and take meter readings manually, This solution comes with Vending Software to generate the credit tokens.
  • We also have a solution that allows Estate Management to generate credit token and monitor every activity on each meter ranging from credit level, vending history, voltage level and so much more. They can get all of this data and information from their back-end office without going to each meter to check manually, this solution comes with AMI Monitoring Systems and Vending Software.

Integrated Resources Limited utility sub-meters can be installed in any building including shopping malls, hospitals, multi-tenant mixed-use properties, office towers, institutional, multi-family, and schools.

Benefits of Estate Sub-Metering

Sub-meters have numerous benefits to both the property owner and the residents:

  • To the residents, the sub-metering offers them a chance to monitor their utility usage, and thus they get more control over their future usage and save money.
  • Sub-metering also protects the property owners from un budgeted utility expenses which reduces their net operating margins. With reduced property expenses, the property managers increase the value of their property. Another benefit of sub-metering is that it helps the property owner bill the tenant for cost recovery. Additionally, it helps monitor and optimizes energy consumption in real-time reporting.
  • Utility sub-metering allows more detailed performance bench marking such as setting subsystem as well as targets.
  • Sub-metering enables the tenants and the owners to cross-check that they are being billed accurately.
  • Utility sub-metering reduces the costs of the facilities management in a building in places where there are regular manual readings since it reduces the requirement for manual meter inspections.

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