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Integrated Resources Limited is an indigenous Energy Company that has been operating in the energy and power sector for over 10 years, Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy. For electric utilities in the electric power industry, it is the first stage in the delivery of electricity to end users, the other stages being transmission, distribution, energy storage and recovery, using the pumped-storage method. We are working with credible technical partners to develop power generation projects of up to 50MW to embed within the sub-grid distribution system and provide industrial estates with reliable high quality electricity supply. The company is also working with technical partners to develop and extend the low voltage rural electricity distribution system.

Integrated Resources Limited electric power–generation projects are conceived, designed, and directed to fill market inches where IRL is called on to deliver either electricity or direct heat to a distribution center. The projects may be built in anticipation of growing demand (load) or in response to a call from a utility or system operator. Financing the project depends on an accurate forecast of expected revenue flows based on the technology and design of the facility. Obtaining necessary financial support only occurs when the project is forecast to earn enough to cover all operating and debt-servicing expenses and provide an adequate return on investment over the whole expected life of the project.

Our Services:

  • Design and construction of transmission and distribution line network.
  • Supply and installation of power equipment and accessories.
  • Assessing training requirements and providing tailored training on reform issues and their implications to government officials.
  • Conducting load demand studies.
  • Conducting power sector risk analysis.
  • Review of generation plans and recommendations for affordable and sustainable development of power sectors.
  • Project Management & Energy Audits.
  • Structured Financing Packages designed for qualified Clients
  • Complete Power Plant Design & Balance of Plant Engineering.
  • Deployment of 1MW, 3MW, 5MW, 10MW Turbine Generators with multiple fuel capability.
  • Switch-yard Transmission & Electrical Distribution.
  • Site Preparation including Civil & Electrical.

Strategy in Power Generation:

  • To address Nigeria’s electricity requirement at the sub-grid level to minimize technical losses that result from long distance wheeling of electricity over a presently week transmission system; and
  • To engage with local distribution companies to help deploy technologies that would reduce non-technical losses, particularly in metering technology.

Our strategy will evolve as the industry in Nigeria evolves.

Procurement and Installations of power infrastructure and equipment In-depth knowledge of power sector reform, competitive market structures and regulatory environment. We have substantial experience in the development of regulations, rules and codes for power sectors, regulatory issues, assessment of bidding strategies and market behavior, the development of risk management strategies and the designing and delivery of management training and regulatory training programmers for utilities.
We are working in partnership with world class technical partners to develop generation projects of between 1MW and 50MW (gas turbines) to be embedded in the sub-gird 33kV system and for captive industrial customers.

Demand & Forecast About Power Generation

Demand or load in electric markets is a relatively predictable characteristic, but varies daily or seasonally and can be extremely volatile in some regions. For this reason, most electric systems require reserve capacity in order to serve load without interruption. Some of the generation capacity will be used periodically for “firming” or backing up intermittent resources such as wind or solar. Agreements to serve load can range from hourly or daily bids called for by the system operator to bilateral agreements and dedicated transmission links for large consumers. Most load growth is forecast in a “needs assessment” routinely developed for the system operator or regional grid and identifies the nature of expected new demand and capacity by technology type.

Overview & Types of Power Generation

Every type of electric power generation brings its own peculiar set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Coal & Nuclear Plants: This tend to generate at relatively consistent levels, but are subject to significant maintenance outages for repair work or refueling. They have limited ability to adjust to the dynamic nature of demand, and may take days to reach full output from a full shutdown.
  • Natural Gas Power Plants: Power plants fueled by natural gas tend to be relatively flexible in changing output to meet the dynamic characteristics of demand through the day, but are also subject to relatively volatile fuel prices.
  • Hydro Power Plants: Hydro units are often some of the most flexible generation resources in a utility portfolio, but have complex time-dependent behavior that can become constrained during extremes of stream flow conditions or by operations dictated by environmental concerns. Many utilities have adopted integrated resource planning techniques to evaluate the economics of incremental generators added to a diverse portfolio of generators. Such techniques are invaluable in weighing the economics of incremental generating units with different fixed and variable costs, and that may have different effects on the operations and economics of the existing units.

Integrated Resources Limited

Integrated Resources Ltd is an integrated energy company with a portfolio spanning oil, gas and power sector activities.

Certified by Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

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